Capital Improvement Project

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This page contains information regarding our Performance-Based contract work taking place to improve all of our physical plants/ facilities and infrastructure for the next generation of learners.  The Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District will be working in partnership with Siemens to make our schools the best facilities for teaching and learning with purpose!  This page will be updated monthly regarding our work with Siemens - reporting on our progress within the Wire Village School, East Brookfield Elementary, and Knox Trail Middle School, respectively.  

July 2018 - January 2019:  Siemens begins the installation of new boilers at David Prouty High School, and agrees to undertake Investment Grade Audit work within the Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District.

February 2019: Siemens completes new boiler work at David Prouty High School, and provides the Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District with the early results of the Investment Grade Audit later that month. 

March 2019: The Investment Grade Audit comes to be known as the Siemens Preliminary Energy Review Report.  This report is examined in detail by Capital Improvement Sub-Committee members.  The Sub-Committee recommends sending the report forward to the School Committee for consideration and possible action.

April 2019:  A Public Hearing is held by the School Committee on Proposed SEBRSD Capital Improvements with Siemens 

May 2019: Notification to Spencer, MA & Notification to East Brookfield, MA.

June 2019: Summary of Projects and Financing & Anticipated Timeline for Projects 

July 2019:  Financing votes approved by the Town of East Brookfield, MA, and Spencer, MA.  Work to remove boilers at Knox Trail Middle School and Wire Village School begins.

August 2019:  Work to remove the boiler unit at East Brookfield Elementary School begins.  New boiler installations begin at Knox Trail Middle School, Wire Village School, and East Brookfield Elementary.

September 2019: Boiler installations at Knox Trail Middle School, Wire Village School, and East Brookfield Elementary concluded.

October 2019: Boilers brought olnine and are operational.  The lighting portion of the project has begun.  To learn more about the light sensor work of the priejct which is happening within all buildings of our regional school district, view this informational video.

November 2019:  Siemens representatives present an Energy Project Review of all capital work completed thus far to the School Committee of Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District on Tuesday, November 12th, 2019.  For a summary page of all capital project work completed, to date, please click here.